Today it’s always a funny story when meeting new colleagues, back in time we thought it was a genius idea.

I was 15 years old and in high school. I was into programming since I was 13. Most days after school when I came home I sit down at my computer and begun to code.
I watched a bunch of german java tutorials since java seemed to be one of the best options to learn first. My goal was to create a game – what else could a young boy have thought of.

A friend of mine which went in the same class also started to program. We both weren’t that bad and so it came that we wanted to create a game together.
But we were both in our home so we were searching for a good solution. Our first approach was to do pair programming though Skype.
Back then we didn’t know the term pair programming nor we did know that this was a thing, the only thing we had in mind was to program together.
Back then Skype and internet was as good as today so programming together was horrible. The image was like 3 seconds behind and remote control didn’t existed.
So we were searching for another solution. At some point one of us brought Dropbox into the game.

It seemed obvious, we were sharing homework, photos and all other kind of documents via Dropbox so why shouldn’t we be able to share code via Dropbox?
So we did it, moved the workspace to a synced Dropbox folder and violat minutes later the whole workspace was on Dropbox.
I shared the Dropbox folder with my friend and boom – he had the same workspace on his pc. Now let’s test we were thinking.
I changed a file and after a few moments the file was updated on my friends computer. We both couldn’t be happier. We did it. We invented a version control system. But we didn’t now what a version control system was. Github and co weren’t so popular back then. We were both in the beginning of our programmer life. We just learned java. We just wanted to share code online.

Clearly our solution was not the best. Many things didn’t work.
There was no such thing as git ignore. So the workspace settings from my friend and me would override each over all the time.
When both of us edited the same file at the same time things got messed up really bad.
There was nothing such as commit or push so saving a file would instantly sync it with my friend.

In the end we were using dropbox only for a few weeks. The cons were too big. In the end it’s just a funny story.